John delivered a speech at St. Leo's Lunch on Tuesday, July 24th.  Become the man God intended you to be.

John was a guest on EWTN's The Catholic Cafe on several occasions.  To listen to the episodes click the logos below:

The Catholic Cafe

Hear an amazing story of self destruction to redemption to conversion to evangelism as Deacon Jeff and Tom welcome John Edwards to the Luxurious Corner Booth.


Pornography is destroying individuals and families. Deacon Jeff invites John Edwards, Catholic speaker and podcaster, to discuss how to STRIVE against porn.

Jon Leonetti

John was a guest on Jon Leonetti in the Morning on 8/09/19. To listen to the episode click the link below:

The Catholic Cafe

The Lord often uses just men and women to accomplish his salvific work on earth. Meet just one such man, John Edwards, who speaks to us about his mission as Just A Guy In The Pew.


Many couples struggle in their marriages as the world continues to bring doubt and division into what was meant to be a holy, sacramental communion. Our guests Bill Donaghy and John Edwards discuss the beauty and gift of marriage.


John was a guest on Jon Leonetti in the Morning on 3/30/20 at the 18:20 mark. Click the link to listen


John was a guest on the 500 Seconds To Joy Podcast with Stephanie Clarrise on 3/31/20

Here is the second part of John's appearance on 500 seconds to Joy with Stephanie Clarisse

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