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How to Book John:

Send an email to for pricing and availability. Please add a description of the event as well as the date, time, and  place. 

Previous Speaking Engagements

  • Men's Morning of Spirituality March 10th 2018 - Memphis, TN

  • St. Leos Lunch July 24th 2018 - Memphis, TN

  • Men of Integrity Conference February 2nd 2019 - Edmonton, Canada

  • Charlotte Catholic Men's Conference March 16th 2019 - Charlotte, NC

  • Redeemed Men's Conference March 30th 2019 - Fargo, ND

  • Men Under Construction Conference April 6th 2019 - Kansas City, KS

  • Baltimore Chapter of Legatus August 14th 2019- Baltimore, MD

  • Memphis Serra Club November 22nd 2019 - Memphis, TN

Upcoming Speaking Engagements 2020

  • Relentless Conference February 8th 2020 - Our Lady of the Assumption Church Turlock, CA 

  • Young Men of Christ Conference March 13th 2020 - Milwaukee, WI

  • Men of Christ Conference March 14th 2020 - Milwaukee, WI

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