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John Edwards is a husband to Angela and father to Jacob, Katelyn and Allison.  John and Angela have been married for 11 years.  John converted to Catholicism in the spring of 2007.  That was all by name and not in his heart.

John was living two lives back in those days.  He was living for his wife and he was living a secret life involved in cocaine, alcohol and selfishness.  This double life lead to a major fall in the spring of 2016.  

To find out more about Johns fall check out his witness talk video on the home page.  

John gave his life to Christ in a whole new way after he came face to face with his brokenness.  That lead to the creation of Just a Guy in the Pew.  Please follow along as John shows us the how to live our life in a better way.  Check out the Podcast page and the Reflections page for concrete ways to live your life for Jesus Christ.

Victor Adams is married to Christy and is step-father to Lily and father to Ella. Victor and Christy have been married for 11 years and currently reside in Memphis, TN.


Victor is originally from Pensacola, FL and moved to Memphis in 2003 to begin his preparation for ministry in the Presbyterian Church. After completing his MDIV and serving in small parishes and chaplaincy in two hospitals, his faith lead him to the Catholic Tradition.


Being an active parent in the school and parish for many years and with guidance from his wife Christy, who was Catholic, Victor converted in 2018 to be a full member of the Catholic Church.

David Hall is married to Amy Hall and are parents to William.  David and Amy have been married for 17 years.  They adopted William from Kazakhstan in June 2007.

David has been a cradle Catholic his entire life.  Serving in many capacities in the Catholic Church from Youth Group, Lector, Eucharistic Minister, Secretary to a Pastor, and Athletic Director.  David currently finds joy in serving as the Technology Director at Holy Rosary School

When David isn't at school he is devoted to helping his brothers spread the good news and gospel of Jesus Christ.  

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