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Welcome to the pew, the place where everyday guys, talk about everyday things, in front of the one person that can do something about it. Jesus Christ

John Edwards is just a guy in the pew.  Up until two years ago, he was like most men in the world, lost and going through life without a purpose. On March 23, 2016, God decided to intervene.  For those of you that would like to know his story you can watch his witness talk below.

Since that day John has made it his mission to help other men become modern day disciples of Jesus Christ. So if you're ready to become the man you were created to be, step into the pew. There's plenty of room. 


I’ve been blessed to know and be inspired by John Edwards for a number of years now and can honestly say he’s 'a man after God’s own heart’. John is a gift to the Church and any audience who hears his conversion story will quickly experience the kind of vulnerability, sincerity, and surrender to mercy that we all need to hear as a Church right now. His passion for men’s ministry and his unique style for the building up of his brothers is just what we need to experience today!”

- Bill Donaghy, Senior Lecturer, Theology of the Body Institute, Co-Author of the RISE 30 Day Challenge for Men

“John’s powerful personal witness coupled with his authentic and refreshing directness makes him unlike any other presenter I’ve seen. If you’re looking to inspire and invigorate your audience, John is your guy. He’s authentic, practical, and knows how to speak right to the heart.” Chris Cope, Founder, Cardinal Studios

"The most powerful conversion story I have ever heard "- Jon Leonetti, Catholic Speaker and Evangelist


Join John and Victor in the Pew for the latest episode.  Check back frequently for new episodes.

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