Just a Guy in the Pew
Welcome to the pew, the place where everyday guys, talk about everyday things, in front of the one person that can do something about it. Jesus Christ


Join John and Victor in the Pew for the latest episode.  Check back frequently for new episodes.

John Edwards is just a guy in the pew.  Up until two years ago, he was like most men you know, lost and going through life without a purpose.  On March 23, 2016, God decided to intervene.  For those of you that would like to know his story you can watch his witness talk below.

Since that day John has made it his mission to help other men become modern day disciples of Jesus Christ, thru authentic vulnerability.  So if your ready to become the father, husband, brother, and son you were created to be, step into the pew.  There's plenty of room. 

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Just A Guy In The Pew
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